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IT Support

At Amber Office Support, our team provide the technical know-how to keep your business up and running, from basic desktop support to advanced network management. See the list of related services below.

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Desktop Support

​Our team can provide the following Desktop Support services - 

  • General PC maintenance and advice

  • Support for Windows, Linux & Mac operating systems

  • Home WiFi support (wireless networks)

  • Server set-up & management

  • Desktop PC & laptop repairs

  • Custom PC builds


IT Support

​Design, build & support services available for all of the following areas - 

  • Microsoft Office 365 support including - 

    • Office 365 account set up and configuration

    • Office 365 security set up 

    • Online file sharing & archiving

    • SharePoint set up, admin & maintenance

    • OneDrive set up, admin & maintenance

    • Set up & maintenance of MS Office suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc)

  • Communication tool support - 

    • Outlook set up, admin & maintenance

    • Microsoft Teams set up, admin & maintenance

    • Exchange set up, admin & maintenance

  • Microsoft Azure set up, admin & maintenance

  • AWS set up, admin & maintenance

  • Network management support

  • VoiP set up & maintenance

  • Passwords & secrets management

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