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We offer a variety of packages to suit every budget and need. From an ad-hoc option that gives you complete flexibility to retainer packages that give clients peace of mind knowing their virtual assistant is available on-demand for a fixed price. For those with larger or more specific needs, we also offer custom packages tailored to the individual.


Pricing Plans

Adhoc – £30 an hour, this is a flexible service, for those that need occasional support. You will be invoiced when the job has been completed.

Retainer packages - all Retainer packages include a budget monitoring service  to record the hours of work I am doing. This ensures that you are on the correct package. All Retainer agreements will be signed by both parties and Retainer package's are paid in advance and any extra hours will be invoiced at the end of the month. 



per month

4 hours a month at £28 per hour



per month

10 hours a month at £27 per hour



per month

20 hours a month at £26 per hour



per month

30 hours a month at £25 per hour

Ultimate Plus


per month

40 hours a month at £24 per hour


Bespoke Packages

We can also tailor make a bespoke package, contact me directly to discuss your requirements.

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